Forensic Science & Ethics

You might have come across in the news many cases of murder, burglary, and similar other occurrences of crime, which are solved by the Police Department. The Police personnel use Forensic Science in their investigation, to analyze clues and find the truth to book the culprits behind those crimes. Forensic Science is a branch of Science and Technology – including and not limited – to pathology, psychology, criminology, toxicology, entomology, molecular biology and so on.

Instances where Forensic Science is used:

For example, the body of a young girl is found inside a bush in a remote area. Police suspect it may be a case of rape and murder. The body is taken to the hospital for postmortem. During postmortem, it is found out that the girl has been raped and murdered and a fight must have taken place between the girl and the culprit (s). Forensic experts collect tissues from the finger nails of the girl and traces of semen found in her productive organ.

The Forensic Lab researches the tissues and particles of semen and records the details of DNA (a nucleic acid that contains the genetic instructions of molecules) in cells. These details are matched with the body cells of the suspected-accused, to establish whether that person is involved in that crime or not.

Similarly a burglary takes place in a jewelry mart at dead of night. Forensic experts collect the finger prints available at the scene of occurrence and match them with those suspected in that case. The investigation report along with that of the Forensic Lab is submitted in the Court as evidence to prove the guilt of the accused.

Ethics in Forensic Science:

You are aware that Ethics means following the principles of natural justice, in all the activities without fear or favor in a neutral way. In other words, ethics is self-disciplined behavior in a society and up-keeping moral values in one’s business or profession. As Forensic Science is used to put the clues of a particular occurrence into finding the truth, and experts render testimony in Courts of Law, it is most essential that the evidence should be on Ethical Standards, not to be misleading or false.

Significance of Ethics in Forensic Science:

In all countries normally Forensic Labs are part of the Law Enforcing Machinery under the Government. More specifically, the Forensic Experts are working for the Police and chances are, they are influenced by the Police force to win the cases in Courts. They are also obligated to the Public Prosecutor in providing evidence in favor of the Police Department in the Court.

Therefore the significance of Ethics need not be stressed in providing reports and testimony in such cases, as it involves life or death for the accused, apart from loss of money and social prestige, in the event of unethical and biased evidence by Forensic experts.

Professional Standards of Ethics in Forensic Science Departments

Although some ethical codes are defined for Criminalists and Forensic Scientists of their respective departments in all the countries, a universally-acceptable Professional Standards of Ethics is elusive and yet to be arrived at and implemented. The need for such standards is felt immensely, as the awareness of the vital role of Forensic Scientists in criminal cases is enlarging on various fields.

TV For Nerds – Discover Science and Learning

A big part of the dissolving of the nerd insult is the fact that we, as a society, are really wired now. From iPods to iPhones and Wi-Fi for everyone from punk rockers to businessmen, the influx of modern technology has, in a way, made nerds out of us all. So unlike the time when it wasn’t cool to know things about science or other nerdy pursuits, you’d be likely to get laughed out of town if you didn’t know how to work an iPhone or post a digital picture from last night’s party on your Facebook. Instead of keeping up with the Joneses based on the car in your driveway, friendly competition between neighbors is now more based on the size of the high-definition flat screen hanging on the living room wall–or in recent times, the HD-tvs on the refrigerator or built into the kitchen counter!

The nerds haven’t just triumphed over the mainstreaming of exciting gadgets. They’ve also had a huge impact on the sort of programming that’s considered cool. Take for instance the show Mythbusters, on which two zany guys and one woman who is a source of romantic feelings for an entire generation of science geeks go out of their way to prove or disprove “common wisdom” that everyone believes but no one knows where it came from. Will sitting too close to the television hurt your eyes? Absolutely not. How difficult is it to find a needle in a haystack? If anyone could find the answer, it’s these guys.

For an even more wired show, it doesn’t get more high tech than Time Warp, a hugely popular program where, through the use of high-speed HD cameras, viewers are treated to a number of interesting acts, all in super, super slow motion. The cameras were created by MIT scientists and artists, and allow viewers to watch everything from large explosions to dogs drinking water in slow motion to see how things really work. One of the most impressive shots of the first season was an arrow putting out a candle temporarily, only for the flame to re-light. This particular program has gotten exceedingly popular with the late-night Cheetos munching crowd, as well as earnest young aspiring scientists.

But there were warnings that the geeks would inherit the earth. From its humble beginnings on cable television to its literal domination of satellite TV for one week each year, there’s the long-running Shark Week. Originally watched by wide-eyed youngsters, it’s managed to become a part of the culture, with so-hip-it-hurts 20somethings dropping the bored posturing act to rave about Air Jaws and NBC breakout 30 Rock featuring the famous inspirational quote to “live every week like it’s Shark Week.” Truer words have never been spoken.

Knowing About Online Science Degree

Online College Education has never been more important as it is today, now you can have an online science degree. Education is the most important key in order to succeed in life, but it can be costly. However, with technological advancement it paves the way of changing the educational landscape forever. Now, you can have a college education through online colleges and get an online science degree. Finishing a higher education opens new possibilities and new destinations. It aids us to reach newer heights in terms of career advancement. There are different online courses available but one of the most popular are science degrees. Science, as they say, is the future of the future, it knows no limit especially when accompanied with imagination. It changes the world and the technology needed to make the world as accessible as possible.

There are different science degrees being offered by online colleges, you can it as a bachelor’s degree, master’s degree, doctoral degree and associate degree. Here are the lists of science courses:

Biotechnology – This is an online course that is important on scientific research. It is responsible for developing new medications, and various solutions to world crises. The online course focuses on the concept of vital science like biological computation.

Chemistry – This aspect studies the molecules and the environmental effects on it. This is a specialized learning that is very much in demand worldwide.

Environmental Science – This course focuses on the environment and it’s surroundings. How certain factors affect the globe and the world, this usually leads to a career in public health sector.

Physics – The course offers the knowledge on the universe, the solar system and the planets. This can be sub-categorized as geophysics, astrophysics, and chemical physics.

Psychology – The course offers a specialized learning in the person’s psyche, and attitudes. It comprises behavioral aspects of the persons that lead them to do certain actions.

General Science and Technology – This is a course for information technology, it aims to study computer based knowledge.

Biology – The course aims to study the science of life in Earth, how organisms interact with one another. It is a broad science that can be categorized on cell biology, anatomy, and animal physiology.

With a wide array of choices for science degrees, it is able to accommodate those who love science. It is a gateway to knowledge and a pathway to a successful career. There is a wide range of jobs and careers that await science degree graduates. It is important for employers that the future employees have at least a bachelor degree before hiring them. Even though there is a vast range of job offers for this graduates. The competition is very tough, it is a must to do very well in this field because science is a vital component in every society. It breaks barrier when it comes to acquired knowledge. For those who wish to take an online science degree, it is important to work hard and study really well.